ang1General Information

The vast Anglezarke Reservoir is situated east of Chorley, Lancs nesting on the borders of The Pennine Way . The Reservoir has a area in excess of 190 acres and supplies Wigan with its drinking water.

Known Species

The water is well known throughout the Northwest for the bream fishing, with bags in excess of 50lbs a session. It also holds a good head of roach and specimen pike.

Special Conditions

This Reservoir holds the water for drinking water supplies therefore, in order to prevent pollution, ground baiting of any kind is banned.
The use of feeders and maggot loose feed is permitted.
No night fishing, dawn to dusk only.
Certain areas of the reservoir are set aside for conservation and fishing is not allowed within them, please study the maps and if unsure please ask.
During the close season only certain parts of the reservoir are open for fishing.
As with all SDAA waters alcohol is not allowed.
No dogs.
Day tickets must be purchased from the regular outlets before commencing fishing. Tickets are not sold on the banks.


Anglezarke is approx one mile East of Chorley.
Access points are via:
Northern end Moor Lane.
The south dam wall Knowsley Lane.
Back Lane.


Mainly roadside.
Back Lane has a purpose built anglers car park, a S & DAA gate key is required.


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General Information

The Back Drain is a shallow water that's runs adjacent to main River Crossens that is day ticket water with fishing platforms. There are tench to ten pounds , large bream and double figure pike.

Special Conditions

Day tickets must be bought prior to fishing from the regular outlets tickets are not sold on the banks.

Day ticket holders are restricted to the stretch of water on each side of Water Lane the A565 from the bend near the Pumping Station to the disused Railway Bridge.

Fishing is dawn to dusk no night fishing .
The use of alcohol and other illegal substances is banned on all club waters.


The Day Ticket section is situated by the A565 Water Lane, Banks ,Lancashire.


A purpose built anglers car park is situated through the gates by the road bridge .

jmereGeneral Information

A comfortable and pleasant mixed fishery approx one acre in size.

Known Species

The water contains roach, bream, tench, pike, perch and eels.

This is a members only water - we don't sell day-tickets for this venue.  Please remember to use barbless hooks only.  We don't allow keepnets on this venue (apart from official club matches).

Point to note:  Please do not park on the adjacent fields.  Park your vehicles on the track to the right of the lake as you approach the footbridge.  There is a timber pole laid on the ground - park alongside it please.


Postcode for SatNav:  PR8 5JA

The fishery is situated on Jacksmere Lane (B5443) approximately 1 mile from the junction of Southport Road (A570).
Access is via a track and gate next to the road bridge over Black Brook when traveling along Jacksmere Lane.  Can all members please remember to close the gates behind them when arriving & leaving the property.



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River CrossensGeneral Information

The River Crossens or the Sluice as it known locally is the longest and deepest drain of the Association waters which was originally dug in 17th century to drain the waters of the vast Martin Mere.

The Sluice has a day ticket section with facilities for disabled anglers and with wheelchair access which is situated off the A565 Water Lane.

Association members have access to the full length of the River Crossens starting near the pumping station at Banks stretching to Mere Brow on this section there is the members only match length which features the new banking made with help from the EA and the Association which offers comfortable pegs and peaceful surroundings.

Known Species

The waters holds bream up to 7lb, specimen tench to 9lbs plus and pike up to 22lbs. There are also large numbers of roach, rudd, perch, skimmers & hybrids, eels & carp up to 15lb.

Points of note

Day tickets must be bought prior to fishing from the regular outlets tickets are not sold on the banks.

Fishing is permitted between sunrise and no later than one hour after sunset.  Absolutely no night fishing is allowed.

Dogs are not allowed on ANY of the drains.  Anyone encountered with a dog on the drains system while not on a public footpath will be asked to leave immediately.

No fishing from the bridges.

All fish to be returned dead or alive.

The drains are designated as a river system.  To that end, the close season applies to all the waters in the system (15th March - 15th June inclusive).

The use of alcohol and other illegal substances is banned on all club waters.

Absolutely no naked flames are allowed on any of the drains, due to the restrictive access provided on the banks and the heightened risk of fire due to dry grass in the summer months.


Association members should refer to their handbooks for details of access to the members only stretches of the water.


Day ticket length: There are two car parks on the day ticket length.  The first is for approximately 5-6 cars, immediately adjacent to the gate at Station Rd.  At the end of the track, there's another car park (next to the disabled pegs) which will easily accommodate 15 cars.

Please do not park behind the pegs on the day ticket length.  Anyone found parking vehicles anywhere other than in the car parks will be told to move immediately.


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dawrenGeneral Information

Our stretch of the Darwen is from the Winery Lane bridge round onto the River Ribble for about 175 metres.

Known Species

Quality chub and roach are present. This water is a excellent winter venue especially when the main river is carrying extra water.

Please note that this stretch is tidal, care is needed as the water rises.  Fishing is from dawn till dusk only. NO Night Fishing. Please note this is a members only water - we don't sell day-tickets for this venue.  This water is subject to the traditional close season (15th March to 15th June, inclusive). Please do not fish during this period.


Postcode for SatNav:  PR5 4AR

Access to Winery Lane and Capitol Way is at the traffic lights near MacDonalds.  Proceed beyond the mini-roundabout to Winery Lane once inside the Capital Centre and bear left.  Follow Winery Lane to the small bridge over the River Darwen, from where you have access to the length we control.

ribble-oneGeneral Information

At Church Deeps, care is needed while accessing fishing pegs due to the steepness of the river bank. It is recommended that anglers travel light. Water levels are affected by the larger tides which raises the River by several feet so caution must be taken. Parking is on the road.

There is parking at Ribbleside Farm where the farmer charges £2.00 per day. Access is via the small lane on the left at the top of the hill where Cuerdale Lane starts - from Preston.

Known Species

Double figure barbel and bream are caught here, as are pike and carp to over 20lbs. Quality chub and roach are also present .

Special Conditions

Fishing is from dawn till dusk only. NO Night Fishing. Please note this is a members only water. No day tickets are issued and the national close season applies March 14th-16th June. A gate key is required for access and these are available from the Membership Secretary. One key fits all our padlocks.
Dogs are not allowed.

The national close season applies, no fishing between from 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

The use of alcohol is banned on all club waters.


Entrance is located on the B6230; Church Brow Walton-Le-Dale.


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ruffordtopGeneral Information

The S&DAA has the fishing rights to the branch of the Rufford Canal from the area below Plox Brow, Tarleton south to the bridge at Fettlers Wharf Marina, Rufford.  Day tickets are available from any of our regular outlets.

Known Species

The canal can offer choice fishing for match and pleasure anglers alike with most coarse fish stocked. Bream, roach, perch, rudd, tench, crucians, carp,  pike and eels are all present.  Tip:  During the spring period, we have weekly matches at various points along the canal, so check-out our match results to give you an idea of how it's fishing.

Special Conditions

No night fishing

Please be aware that there are places with power lines close to the towpath.

Canal & Rivers Trust Lease Conditions:
1.  Any gates used must be closed when not in use.

2.  Trees, plants, bushes or hedges must not be cut or trimmed nor should anyone remove any turf, sand, soil, clay or materials from the banks or towpaths without the prior permission of the Canal & Rivers Trust through the Secretary of the Southport & District Angling Association.

3.  Fishing is restricted to the towing path side of the waterway.

4.  Anglers must not actively obstruct or impede
     a. navigation on the waterway
     b. the mooring of craft at the designated mooring locations
     c. the passage of other legitimate users along the towpath.

5.   It is forbidden to:
     a. fish in a lock and within 25 meters of a lock wall or moveable bridge used for navigation purposes.
     b.  Fish within prohibited signed zones adjacent to overhead power lines.
     c.Trespass on any property adjoining the waterway or from cause annoyance or inconvenience to the owners or occupiers thereof.

6.  The Canal & Rivers Trust requires members of the Association to produce for inspection their membership cards at the request of any representative of the CRT while fishing on their waters.


The canal essentially runs south to north along the eastern side of the A59, from Rufford to Tarleton.  It's accessible at several points which are:


Diamond Jubilee Road, Rufford: Postcode for SatNav:  L40 1TD.  Please park alongside St. Mary's church on Church Road (behind the church itself).  Please try not to obstruct the access to the houses - we don't want to cause any unnecessary friction with any residents or the congregation at the church - particularly on Sundays.  Access to the canal is via the slipway down to the towpath from the bridge.


Sparks Bridge, Rufford:  Postcode for SatNav:  L40 1SU.   We have permission from the local landowner to park on his agricultural hardstanding, which is alonside Sparks Bridge on Croston Road (A581).  Please remember that this is agricultural hardstanding so there will be farm implements, bales of haylage, etc. on this site throughout the year.  Members must be vigilant when using this land and park their vehicles with a bit of thought & common-sense.  If the hardstanding is full, please park on Sparks Lane on the opposite side of the canal and walk over the bridge to access the towpath.


Lock Lane, Sollom:  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6FS Turn off the A59 at Sollom, onto Liverpool Old Road (accessible at either end of the hamlet).  Lock Lane is clearly visible and leads you down to the canal at Strand Bridge.  There is space at the side of the bridge for 8 cars if parked sensibly.  Please don't be tempted to park across the access to the towpath, the gardens of Barrowford House or across the front of the pasture gates at the side of Sollom Lane.  If residents are inconvenienced by thoughtlessly-parked vehicles, they are within their rights to call the Police.


Bank Bridge, Tarleton:  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6HJ There is restricted access to the canal at Bank Bridge, which is the bridge over the Rufford Canal & the River Douglas at Tarleton which carries the A59.  There is a set of double gates which lead to the towpath.  There is space to park no more than 5 cars inside the gates, as long as they are parked in a line, alongside the waters-edge.  In summer, DO NOT park on the field.


Plox Brow Tarleton;  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6HBPlox Brow is accessed from Church Road/Coe Lane corner in Tarleton.  Once down at the canalside, there are a few places cars can be parked.  There is a car park next to the swing bridge, and there are spaces to park next to the canal next to W H Hull's premises (towards the boatyard).  There are places to park cars to the right of the swingbridge, but only with any safety (and without obstructing access to business premises) at weekends.  Again, as with other locations - please use some common-sense when parking your vehicle.  We want to have good relationships with landowners and residents, so spare a thought for others when you park your vehicle.

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poolsrestockGeneral Information

The Three Pools waterway is a wide but shallow drain and, in parts, forms the administrative boundary between Sefton and West Lancashire.  This waterway got it's name due to it being formed from Fine Jane's Brook, Sandy Brook and Drummersdale Drain - all watercourses in their own right which join together; the Three Pools being the result as we know it today.

Known Species

The Three Pools hold Roach in abundance, and of a good stamp.  There are also Bream, Rudd, Tench, Perch and Pike.  Additionally, there are some specimen Ruffe as well as Eels, which are now sadly diminished in numbers.

Points to note

  • This is a members-only water. No day tickets.
  • No night fishing, dawn to dusk only.
  • As with all SDAA waters alcohol is not allowed.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any of the drains.
  • The national close season applies, no fishing between from 15th March to 15th June inclusive.
  • No fishing from the bridges.
  • All fish to be returned alive.


The water runs along the eastern boundary of Southport.

Members should refer to their handbooks for details of access to this members only water.


Currently, the only parking near to our fishing on the Three Pools is at Moss Lane, Churchtown. Postcode for SatNav: PR9 8AE.  This is near the recently-installed platforms.

When parking at Moss Lane please don't lean tackle against the wire fence next to the road and don't park on the pavement.

tlakes1General Information

Southport and District Angling Association has exclusive rights to this popular water.

Consisting of two lakes of 4.7 and 5.6 acres with depths to 18 feet.

Known Species

Contains roach, rudd, bream, hybrids, carp, trout, tench, perch and eels

This is a members-only water.  We don't sell any day-tickets for this venue.  We don't allow night fishing.

If you catch any of the remaining trout, you can take them but we'd appreciate it if you humanely dispatch them first.  If you are going to dispatch them, please make sure you taken them away and not leave them on site.   From time to time, there may well be maintenance work ongoing when you visit, so please don't take umbrage if you're asked to move.


Postcode for SatNav: PR26 9RF

Brickcroft Lane - off the B5427 Bretherton Road, Croston - which is situated just north of Croston Railway Station.  To access the venue, leave Bretherton Road at the bottom of the railway bridge (there's a stone sign on the corner, along with several business signs) and turn into Brickcroft Lane.  Follow the road past the football pitch on the left, beyond which on the righthand side is a turning.  Bear right into the lane and the gates to the fishery are on your left after approximately 300m.

Parking at this venue is contained within the site.  To get through the gates, you will need an Association key.  Could all members visiting Twin Lakes please remember to lock the gates behind them when entering & leaving the car park.  Under no circumstances should the gates be left open at any time.


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General Information

Upper Rivington Reservoir is situated centrally in the Rivington chain of reservoirs, on the West Pennine Moors in Lancashire, England between Rivington and Anglezarke. The area is approximately fifty-seven acres and the northern part is a nature reserve.

Known Species

Bream, Roach, Perch, Chub, Rudd, Pike. 

Venue specific Rules:

- No pike fishing from 15 March to 1 September annually

- All night fishing and the use of a shelter/bivvy is permitted for syndicate members only.  Applications for the night syndicate can be obtained through Andy Holt (contact details available on the About Us page on this site).  Syndicate membership is restricted - applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

- Use of keepnets is allowed, with the following restrictions:

           - no fish of any species over 4lb are retained.  All such fish caught should be immediately returned to the water.

           - fish should not be retained in keepnets for more than 5 hours.

- Ten day tickets are available on a daily basis for non-Association members but holders of day tickets are not allowed to night fish, or fish for Pike or Carp on this reservoir.

- Matches may be held on Sundays from time to time.

This Reservoir holds the water for drinking water supplies therefore, in order to prevent pollution, groundbait of any kind is banned.  This is a United Utilities byelaw.


Upper Rivington is approx two miles South East of Chorley.
Access points are via:
The south dam wall on Horrobin Lane.
The Street on the west bank
The private road on the east bank.A SDAA gate key is required to access the water here.


Roadside on Horrobin Lane.
The car park on The Street for the west bank.
The east bank has limited parking in a members only car
park please keep the disable space clear.
When parking on the private roads please allow space for farm, emergency and residents
vehicles to pass at all times.


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woodend alder2

General Information

Wood End Farm has two established lakes (Alder & Willow) which were dug & stocked in 2011.  Each lake has designated pegs which have platforms.  In total, there are 31 pegs across both lakes. 

Known Species

Alder:  Carp, Chub, Gudgeon & Tench

Willow:  Bream, Chub, Gudgeon, Roach & Tench

Both lakes have shelved margins and fall to a depth of around 6 feet.  As you look at the complex from the notice board, Alder is to your right and Willow is to your left.

This is a members-only water - we don't sell day-tickets for this venue.  In addition to our existing Association rules, the following are specific to Wood End Farm:



  • No keepnets
  • Landing nets to be dipped before use
  • Barbless hooks only - maximum allowed is size 12
  • No fixed feeders - free-running only
  • No unused bait to be thrown in the water or on the bank - take it all home with you please
  • Absolutely NO litter to be left - take this home with you too please
  • Treat all fish with respect
  • Strictly no transferring of fish between lakes

This venue has strict opening hours, so please accept & respect them:

Monday - Friday:  0800 - 2000

Saturday:  0900 - 1700

Sunday & all Bank Holidays:  0900 - 1600


Postcode for SatNav:  L40 0RP

The fishery is located at Wood End Farm on Marsh Moss Lane, Burscough - the nearest recognisable landmark is New Lane railway station which is right next to it.  Access to the fishery is via a small gated slip road at the end of the car park used for the business units on the site.  Two car parks have been provided for our members to use, and these are clearly marked.  Please note that our members are not allowed to park in the business units car park.  We have fitted our Association lock to the gate which restricts access to parking for our members.


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