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The S&DAA has the fishing rights to the branch of the Rufford Canal from the area below Plox Brow, Tarleton south to the bridge at Fettlers Wharf Marina, Rufford.  Day tickets are available from any of our regular outlets.

Known Species

The canal can offer choice fishing for match and pleasure anglers alike with most coarse fish stocked. Bream, roach, perch, rudd, tench, crucians, carp,  pike and eels are all present.  Tip:  During the spring period, we have weekly matches at various points along the canal, so check-out our match results to give you an idea of how it's fishing.

Special Conditions

No night fishing

Please be aware that there are places with power lines close to the towpath.

Canal & Rivers Trust Lease Conditions:
1.  Any gates used must be closed when not in use.

2.  Trees, plants, bushes or hedges must not be cut or trimmed nor should anyone remove any turf, sand, soil, clay or materials from the banks or towpaths without the prior permission of the Canal & Rivers Trust through the Secretary of the Southport & District Angling Association.

3.  Fishing is restricted to the towing path side of the waterway.

4.  Anglers must not actively obstruct or impede
     a. navigation on the waterway
     b. the mooring of craft at the designated mooring locations
     c. the passage of other legitimate users along the towpath.

5.   It is forbidden to:
     a. fish in a lock and within 25 meters of a lock wall or moveable bridge used for navigation purposes.
     b.  Fish within prohibited signed zones adjacent to overhead power lines.
     c.Trespass on any property adjoining the waterway or from cause annoyance or inconvenience to the owners or occupiers thereof.

6.  The Canal & Rivers Trust requires members of the Association to produce for inspection their membership cards at the request of any representative of the CRT while fishing on their waters.


The canal essentially runs south to north along the eastern side of the A59, from Rufford to Tarleton.  It's accessible at several points which are:


Diamond Jubilee Road, Rufford: Postcode for SatNav:  L40 1TD.  Please park alongside St. Mary's church on Church Road (behind the church itself).  Please try not to obstruct the access to the houses - we don't want to cause any unnecessary friction with any residents or the congregation at the church - particularly on Sundays.  Access to the canal is via the slipway down to the towpath from the bridge.


Sparks Bridge, Rufford:  Postcode for SatNav:  L40 1SU.   We have permission from the local landowner to park on his agricultural hardstanding, which is alonside Sparks Bridge on Croston Road (A581).  Please remember that this is agricultural hardstanding so there will be farm implements, bales of haylage, etc. on this site throughout the year.  Members must be vigilant when using this land and park their vehicles with a bit of thought & common-sense.  If the hardstanding is full, please park on Sparks Lane on the opposite side of the canal and walk over the bridge to access the towpath.


Lock Lane, Sollom:  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6FS Turn off the A59 at Sollom, onto Liverpool Old Road (accessible at either end of the hamlet).  Lock Lane is clearly visible and leads you down to the canal at Strand Bridge.  There is space at the side of the bridge for 8 cars if parked sensibly.  Please don't be tempted to park across the access to the towpath, the gardens of Barrowford House or across the front of the pasture gates at the side of Sollom Lane.  If residents are inconvenienced by thoughtlessly-parked vehicles, they are within their rights to call the Police.


Bank Bridge, Tarleton:  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6HJ There is restricted access to the canal at Bank Bridge, which is the bridge over the Rufford Canal & the River Douglas at Tarleton which carries the A59.  There is a set of double gates which lead to the towpath.  There is space to park no more than 5 cars inside the gates, as long as they are parked in a line, alongside the waters-edge.  In summer, DO NOT park on the field.


Plox Brow Tarleton;  Postcode for SatNav:  PR4 6HBPlox Brow is accessed from Church Road/Coe Lane corner in Tarleton.  Once down at the canalside, there are a few places cars can be parked.  There is a car park next to the swing bridge, and there are spaces to park next to the canal next to W H Hull's premises (towards the boatyard).  There are places to park cars to the right of the swingbridge, but only with any safety (and without obstructing access to business premises) at weekends.  Again, as with other locations - please use some common-sense when parking your vehicle.  We want to have good relationships with landowners and residents, so spare a thought for others when you park your vehicle.

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