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General Information:

Wood End Farm has two established lakes (Alder & Willow) which were dug & stocked in 2011.  Each lake has designated pegs which have platforms.  In total, there are 31 pegs across both lakes. 

Known Species:

Alder:  Carp, Chub, Tench, Perch, Gudgeon

Willow:  Bream, Chub, Roach, Tench, Perch

Both lakes have shelved margins and fall to a depth of around 6 feet.  As you look at the complex from the notice board, Alder is to your right and Willow is to your left.

This is a members-only water - we don't sell day-tickets for this venue.  In addition to our existing Association rules, the following are specific to Wood End Farm:

  • Landing nets to be dipped before use
  • Barbless hooks only - maximum allowed is size 12
  • No fixed feeders - free-running only
  • No unused bait to be thrown in the water or on the bank - take it all home with you please
  • Absolutely NO litter to be left - take this home with you too please
  • Treat all fish with respect
  • Strictly no transferring of fish between lakes
  • Keepnets are allowed on WILLOW lake only and are subject to the following restrictions:
    • Any fish over 4lb to be returned - not placed in a keepnet
    • Fish should only be retained in keepnets for a maximum of 5 hours.
    • All keepnets should be dipped and allowed to dry on the bank before use

This venue has strict opening hours, so please accept & respect them:

Monday - Friday:  0800 - 2000

Saturday:  0900 - 1700

Sunday & all Bank Holidays:  0900 - 1600


Postcode for SatNav:  L40 0RP

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 The fishery is located at Wood End Farm on Marsh Moss Lane, Burscough - the nearest recognisable landmark is New Lane railway station which is right next to it.  Access to the fishery is via a small gated slip road at the end of the car park used for the business units on the site.  Two car parks have been provided for our members to use, and these are clearly marked.  Please note that our members are not allowed to park in the business units car park.  We have fitted our Association lock to the gate which restricts access to parking for our members.


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